FIDELITY™ has put the Enviroment front and center since conception. Almost 20 years ago, when much of the industry was slow to address Enviromental issues, FIDELITY made the decision to eliminate toxic, solvent-based inks from products. Instead making the switch to inks free of ozone depleting chemicals.

We created an aggressive recycling program that was implemented to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills. This includes scrap metals, paper, cardboard as well as vinyl and wallcovering trim and wast.

We made tremendous progress in reducing the amount of water and energy used at our plants, offices and warehouses as well as encouraging the use of fuel-efficient vehicles by our management and staff to the largest extent possible.

In the 1980’s FIDELITY installed a closed-loop cooling system to eliminate more than 90% of our water consumption. We replaced our electric generator motors into highly efficient invertors. This drastically reduced the usage of electricity from the variance systems during the production process. We’ve implemented state-of-the-art fluorescent light fixtures with motion detectors at our warehouses allowing the lights to shut when they are not in use.

As we look forward we will continue our best efforts to keep our carbon footprint small and our ongoing commitment to keeping the Enviroment beautiful.